Powder Monkeys

Unwanted Passengers
Episode 001

Monday, September 15, 1659. The crew of the merchant brig De Reden captained by Jan De Vries set sail to Curacao in the New World. On the way they took on the passenger Don Bartolo Aguilar, a Spanish nobleman, and his two retainers. Don Bartolo was also seeking passage to Curacao. The voyage was to take two months.

Thursday, September 25, 1659. De Reden is caught up in a storm at sea. The ship takes considerable damage from lightning and storm. The main mast is damaged and the hull received major damage in two places. Afterwards the ship was becalmed for six days. The crew effected jury repairs. At this time it was revealed to the crew that Don Bartolo was buying off the First Mate Pieter de Groot. Bartolo was dissatisfied with the progress of the ship. Later Bartolo discovered through de Groot that the captain was sailing the ship to Sint Maarten for repairs and that that would add weeks to his arrival at Curacao. This let Bartolo to plan a mutiny with some of the crew that he bought off. De Groot approached the ships surgeon-carpenter, master gunner, and master topman to buy them off.

Sunday, October 12, 1659. De Groot confronts Captain De Vries about the ship and springs the mutiny. The captain, aided by his loyal crew including the master gunner, surgeon-carpenter, and master topman, resist and defeat the armed mutineers with their bare hands. Don Bartolo is captured along with the remaining mutineers.

Saturday, October 18, 1659. The De Reden finally limps into Philipsburg Harbor in Sint Maarten. The governor gives Captain De Vries permission to repair and resupply the ship along with news that The Netherlands is at war with Spain. He then rewards the captain and crew with a letter of marque that allows them to attack non-dutch vessels, specifically Spanish ships. Crew plans to careen and repair the De Reden.


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